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Thai Cooling Tower
Your Cooling Tower Manufacturing Specialist.       ผู้เชี่ยวชาญในการผลิตคูลิ่งเทาเออร์ของคุณ
Welcome To Thai Cooling Tower CO., LTD.

  We are the original Thai Cooling Tower and the only Thai Cooling Tower.
Founded in 1979, Thai Cooling Tower (TC) became the first manufacturer to produce induced draft counter flow cooling tower of bottle type in Thailand. TC has a rich history and experience in cooling tower manufacture.

We are well known as a specialist in manufacture and sale high quality cooling tower. As the results the other cooling tower manufactures in Thailand follow us. They try even mimic our name "Thai Cooling Tower". Do not be fooled just only by price.

Our products are supplied not only in Thailand but also worldwide. Interesting facts about TC, we own patents in eliminator blades and hi-effective capacity heat exchange filler.

Our goal is to provide you with hight-quality cooling tower in a variety of types.
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