Induced draft closed type cooling tower

The operation of the closed type cooling tower is similar to the open system. In the closed type, the heat exchanger coil within the tower separates the hot working fluid from the cooling tower water. During operation cooling tower water is pumped from the basin up to a spray header where it is then sprayed onto a coil containing the heat load from the factory, thereby cooling it down (see Fig. 1). Since the hot fluid is contained in the coil, it is not exposed to the atmosphere and not subject to fouling caused by oxygen and dirt.

Feature of Design

Made of stainless steel 304

In general, heat exchanger coils are made of copper or aluminum. In our closed type cooling towers the heat exchanger coils are made of stainless steel 304 for the following reasons.

resistance to corrosion

resistance to fouling due to corrosion

no contamination of product or process by corrosion

easy to clean

high-temperature resistance to oxidation and scaling

high-temperature resistance to oxidation and scaling

good strength characteristics in low- and high-temperature service

maintains excellent heat transfer properties in service

economical in terms of first cost and long-term service


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