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Thai Cooling Tower
Your Cooling Tower Manufacturing Specialist.       ผู้เชี่ยวชาญในการผลิตคูลิ่งเทาเออร์ของคุณ
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Thai Cooling Tower Co, Ltd. specializes in the manufacture and design of cooling tower.

Founded in 1979 with total investment of 60 million Baht, Thai Cooling Tower became the first manufacturer to produce induced draft counter flow cooling tower of bottle type and FRP products in Thailand.


Originally Thai Cooling Tower was the joint investment with Ta Shin Co., Ltd from Taiwan. When the Ta Shin Co., Ltd. faced economic difficulty and pulled out from the investment. Since then Thai Cooling Tower is Thai ownership 100%. On 25 September 1980, Thai Cooling Tower was promoted by Thailand Board of Investment (B.O.I.).


Thai Cooling Tower has a rich history and experience in cooling tower manufacture. We continuously do research and develop of our products. Thai Cooling Tower own patents in eliminator blades and hi-effective capacity heat exchange filler. Our products are supplied not only in Thailand but also worldwide.
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