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 As a leading cooling tower company in Thailand, Thai Cooling Tower CO.,LTD

 has been providing a differnt set of cooling tower services to our valued

 customers for years. Our mechanical expertises will help our customers to inspect

 and evaluate the conditions of their cooling towers' performance. Our service

 team provides valuable information to help our customers' short -term and

 long-term plan on their cooling tower maintenance given to their business process

implications. Our goal is to help our increase their business system reliability and

productivity without worrying about cooling tower downtime.

Thai Cooling Tower offers many services as following:

•New cooling tower design

•New construction of single/multiple units of Cooling Tower

•Inspection and Evaluation of thermal performance

•Cooling tower thermal performance upgrades

•Reconstruction of existing cooling towers

•Yearly cooling tower maintenance program

•Recondition cooling tower mechanical parts such as motor casing, fan blades, water distribution system, and etc.

•Overhauling gear reducer

•Cooling tower cleaning